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CGA Open Water Series is back, bigger and better than last season!

Entries for the CGA Lion Mile and Marathon Swim Series #2 are NOW OPEN.

For the Rules and Qualifying Criteria for the 2020 SSA Open Water Swimming Championships, please click HERE.

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About Us


CGA Open Water Swimming seeks to bring new and exciting Open Water events to the swimmers in Gauteng.
The organisers are always on the lookout for clean and safe water for events, and aim to introduce swimmers to the many beautiful lakes and dams in Gauteng.
In 2019/20 summer season there will be a number of FINA 5km and 10km swims, CGA 3km, CGA Lion Mile (1650m) and CGA Fun Swim (600m) events.
Training Camps for our District and Provincial Open Water teams are also being organised for this season.

Swim Camps


CGA Lion Mile and Marathon Open Water Swim #2
Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December 2019
Florida Lake Canoe Club, Roodepoort

Medals for all Finishers!
Club and School Relays!

Order of Events
The Event takes place over 2 days.

8:00     - FINA 10km - 14 years & older
8:00     - FINA 7.5km - 14 years & older (Separate event)
11:00   - SSA/CGA 3km - 14 years & older
12:30   - Fun Swim (600m) - 10 years & older

8:00     - FINA 5km - 14 years & older
10:30   - CGA Lion Mile (1650m) - 12 years & older
11:30   - Fun Swim (600m) - 10 years & older
12:30   - School Relay
13:30   - Club Relay

Closing Date for Entries - Friday 22nd Novemberber, 2019.
Late Entries Accepted on the Day at R100 surcharge per Event

Download the Info Pamphlet HERE.

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SSA Qualifying Event

Cradle Moon

Cradle Moon Swim Challenge 2
Sunday 8 December 2019
Cradle Moon

Events: 5km, 3km, 1000m, and 400m

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Official Midmar Seeding Event

Cradle Moon

Lake Heritage Water Festival 2020
Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th January 2020
Cradle Moon

Events: 5km, 3km, 1200m, and 600m

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Official Midmar Seeding Event


Midmar Mile
8 and 9 February 2020
Midmar Dam

Events: 1 Mile

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It's Midmar!

CGA Open Water Series

CGA Open Water Swim Series #3
Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 February 2020
Florida lake, Roodepoort

SSA Qualifying Event


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